Is a flexible and friendly information manager for private personal use
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es-Builder is a flexible, customizable, friendly, powerful and unique information manager for private personal use.
You can build your own information structure to fit your own needs. Easy to build, quick to use and share your data.

Without the database and programing knowledge, es-Builder is an ideal tool to keep your information in one place.

If you are finding a software to keep Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Expenses and more, es-Builder is exactly what you've been looking for.

Main features:

- Highly Customizable - Build your personalized data structure to fit your own need.
- Lookup - You can enable the "Lookup" feature of each field. It allows you to select the other table's data in easy way.
- Master-Detail Table - Build a detail table easily. You don't have to learn the complex concept of Master-Detail relationship. Just one click to build it and use it.
- Views, Charts, Reports - Build-in Views, Charts and Reports bring the data to another level.
- Customize Input Layout - Easily arrange and customize the input layout and the input order of each table.
- Choose Input Control = Choose different input control with options to make your own input style.
- Powerful Search - Search data in any data type to save your time. Input 'monday' keyword to search all date fields which are on monday.
- Shortcut Homepage - Drag the items (tables, views, charts and reports) into the homepage for fast access.
- Tag Support - Each data is tag support. You can search data in the Tag Cloud.
- Password Protection - Support password protection for each Book.
- Mail Merge Support - Easily merge the data to a document.
- Schedule Support - Keep track of your data activities, such as Employee Shift, Stock Rental and Room Booking in the Resources Schedule.

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